Lingual Braces

Would you like to straighten your teeth and have a more confident smile but you don’t necessarily like the look of traditional metal braces? Perhaps you have tried Invisalign for your orthodontic treatment before. Well now there is another option to achieve your perfect smile; lingual braces. These are fairly new to the dental and orthodontic world so you may or may not be familiar with the term just yet however this treatment option is becoming increasingly popular, especially among adults who would like a more aesthetically pleasing look.

So what makes invisible lingual braces different from traditional braces? Metal braces are placed on the front of teeth while lingual braces are placed behind the teeth making them virtually invisible to the public. Many dentists have not adopted this treatment option into their clinics due to the fact that this requires additional training and it is mostly a cosmetic advantage for patients, though they both have similar success rates.

If you are considering having this orthodontic treatment started, Coral Springs dentist will firstly make sure that you are good candidate for the procedure. The teeth have to be long enough in height for the brackets to applied and have good retention on the back of the teeth. Therefore, children do not make great candidates as well as patients who may have shorter teeth due to grinding or genetics.

Lingual orthodontics can take a longer time to get used to as well for various reasons, one major reason being swallowing. You make not have noticed before that when you swallow normally, your tongue pushes against the backside of your teeth. With linguals, swallowing becomes a little difficult and takes time getting used to the sensation of attempting to swallow without using your teeth and tongue in combination. Some Coral Springs dentists recommend lightly putting your teeth together and then swallowing. Another issue that may arise is talking regularly, some patients report a slight change in the way they enunciate, you may need to try overly-enunciating your words until your speech adapts.

The overall treatment time from start to finish can be relative to how good the patient is a properly taking care of their teeth. This is especially important because the patient has to be vigilant after every meal getting all the food from between the brackets and wires to prevent tooth decay. Tooth decay can occur very easily with linguals just like with traditional braces, however tooth decay can become a more prominent issue considering seeing behind the teeth to clean them can be problematic.

Although these invisible lingual braces can be difficult to adjust to at first, they can also be a great option for you as long as you are aware of the care needed to maintain a healthy mouth.


Now that you know some more about lingual braces orthodontist, you may be wondering about the cost. These cost more than traditional metal as a result of the technology needed to create a custom fitting system for your mouth. The process often requires more orthodontic visits to be sure the wires are aligned properly and the brackets are not loose as well. This procedure can start at a fee of $9,000 without insurance being factored in. At Lakeview Dental of Coral Springs, we offer our patients a wide array of payment options so they have the choice and ease in completing treatment.

If you are unsure if Lingual Braces are a good choice for you or you have additional questions, please feel free to stop by our office in Coral Springs for a complimentary consultation to discuss treatment options. We look forward to helping you accomplish your happiest smile.

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