Dental Crown in Coral Springs

What is Dental Crown?

A dental crown, also known as a “cap” is a type of restorative dentistry in Coral Springs, Florida. There are several reasons your Coral Springs dentist may diagnose a dental crown. Some examples of why these are needed is due to a broken tooth, decay, large old fillings, a root canal was done, or for cosmetic reasons. Some patients may experience pain or the doctor may diagnose a crown is needed at a routine dental check-up.

When is a tooth crown needed?
When a tooth is broken or decayed, one possible way to save that tooth is to place a protective “cap” over it. This may be needed for the following reasons:

1. There is a cavity in the tooth that extends to multiple surfaces
2. There is a tooth cusp that has broken off
3. There is a large defective dental filling that needs replacement
4. The tooth has been root canal treated and it is a back tooth
5. The tooth has vertical enamel fractures and causes pain when biting down
6. The tooth requires reshaping in order to restore esthetics or prevent food impaction

What are the processes involved in getting a dental crown?
The first step when getting a tooth crown is for the dental assistant to take a pre-operative impression to make a temporary crown. The doctor will use anesthetic to numb the area, and then the dentist will use a drill to shape the tooth to remove any decay, fractured or broken tooth, or old filling you may have. Many times a core-build up will be required to fill any missing tooth structure that is needed to be filled in to make sure that the tooth is strong enough to receive the crow. The dentist will perform this core build up at this time. Once the tooth is shaped, your dentist will then take an impression for your permanent crown. The impression is sent to the lab where it is fabricated to fit your tooth, during the waiting period you will wear a temporary crown.


How long does it take to make a dental crown?
The procedure for a tooth crown typically takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour and a half. The time may vary due to the fact that there may be a large filling that needs to be removed or there may also be a large cavity. Also, the size of the tooth makes a difference. If the dentist is working on a smaller tooth, such as a front tooth or a premolar then this will take less time then a molar.

What are different types of crowns?
There are different types of crowns. Your dentist in Coral Springs will provide you treatment plan for the best option for your needs. Some examples of  materials used for dental crowns or “caps” are gold, metal, porcelain fused to metal, full porcelain crown or zirconia crowns. At the time your crown is chosen, your dentist and the dental assistant will work with you to choose a
shade that matches your other teeth.

How long do crowns last for?
The average dental crown will last between 10-20 years with 15 years being the average. Crowns done by dentists in Coral Springs dental office should last for a long time period with proper care at home and consistent dental check-ups. Your new crown will provide for protection against new decay, more fractures in the tooth, and proper function of your tooth for talking and chewing. Your new crown won’t be visible to others and will benefit in making a more beautiful smile.

What is the dental crown cost in Coral Springs?
The average cost for his is between $950-$1500 per tooth. The prices for a dental tooth can vary due to the variations in materials and complexity of the service.

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