Cold Sore Treatment in Coral Springs

Mouth sores also known as cold sores or fever blisters are caused by the HSV-1 and the HSV-2 virus (herpes simplex virus). The herpes simplex virus is not curable but can be managed. The most common is the HSV-1 which is a virus that causes sores or ulcers around your mouth and on your lips. It is important to visit your Coral Springs dentist because they can prescribe an anti-viral medication that can help manage the symptoms associated with the virus.

Many times the virus can lay dormant in your body for many months, even years. For this reason, it can be very confusing as to why and when a cold sore will “pop-up.” Although it is very hard to determine when a cold sore will occur, there are some cold sore treatments that can be prescribed at the very beginning stages of a cold sore. Many times a prodromal (or early) symptom can occur before a cold sore is about to occur. Typically that will manifest as a tingling sensation. It is very important that you seek cold sore treatment dentist in Coral Springs as soon as possible once this occurs. There are topical medications that your dentist can prescribe you to help minimize the length and severity of an outbreak. Many times a decrease in immunity can be the reason for a cold sore outbreak. For this reason it is always recommended to get plenty of high quality sleep, maintain optimal nutrition and exercise regularly to prevent cold sores from popping up. Cold sores are most contagious when they are visible.

Fever blisters are most often characterized by red, swollen, itchy sores that form. You may feel a cold sore coming on by feeling a tingling, itching sensation. This virus is highly contagious. Typical ways that this virus is spread is through kissing, sharing drinks, utensils or objects that have come in contact with saliva. You may have swelling in your glands, a fever, or sores that appear. You are most contagious
during an active breakout but can transmit the virus even when dormant. Once you contract the virus it can stay dormant for a long time. Triggers that can cause an outbreak are stress, too much sun exposure, an illness, chapped lips, or surgery. Please avoid squeezing and pinching the cold sore, this can spread the infection.

Cold-Sore-Treatment-Coral-Springs-FloridaNeed more advice about cold sore treatment? Talk to your cold sore treatment dentist in Coral Springs for the best ways to manage an outbreak. A canker sore in the mouth is different than a cold sore. Canker sores are not contagious and only last a few days to a few weeks. The medical term for a canker sore is an aphthous ulcer. Unlike fever blisters, canker sores do not appear on the lips or around the mouth, they are inside your mouth. You will notice a small circle that is white or yellow and surrounded by a red outline, which can make it difficult to talk or eat. They can be a painful nuisance but can be managed as well. Typical treatment to alleviate pain is mouth rinses, pastes, and medication. You may develop a canker sore from certain foods, stress, biting your cheek, an injury to your mouth or some medical conditions.

If you are suffering from a canker sore, you can discuss the best treatment or ways to avoid canker sores with your Coral Springs dentist. Find out more about cold sore symptoms, what causes cold sores, and how to treat them. Schedule an appointment with your professional dentist in Coral Springs!

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