What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is treatment for correcting your alignment or occlusion of your teeth; it is a branch of dentistry. There are many reasons why your dentist may recommend that you see an Orthodontist, which is a specialist that focuses on the correction of your teeth and jaw due to misalignment, your occlusion, or for cosmetic reasons. There are now different types of dental orthodontics treatment options that you and your dentist can discuss based on desired results and your lifestyle, which are either fixed or a removable appliance.

When your teeth are not aligned properly it can cause other issues such as decay and periodontal issues from not being able to clean and floss your teeth properly. Your orthodontist may also recommend treatment due to having an overbite, an under bite, spacing or crowding, or impacted teeth. Your Coral Springs orthodontist with the assistance of a dental assistant will start the process by taking photos, x-rays, and molds of your teeth to begin the process.

Your orthodontist may recommend traditional braces, or a removal appliance. There are different types of traditional braces also known as a fixed appliance. They consist of wires, brackets and bands. The brackets are attached to each tooth then a metal wire will go through the entire arch. When more pressure is needed you will be given bands that will help with movement. There are other fixed appliances such as a space maintainer that will hold spaces from the loss of a baby tooth that holds the space until the adult tooth grows in. There are also special appliances that can be made by your orthodontist Coral Springs that helps with thumb sucking or tongue thrusting. If you decide to use traditional orthodontic braces, you have the option of clear or metal brackets.


Another option you have when choosing braces is clear braces also known as Invisalign. Some patients may want to have the option to correct their teeth without others knowing as these “clear” braces are not as noticeable as traditional braces. With clear braces, the same process is followed to start the procedure to determine the length of time you will be in treatment. The Coral Springs orthodontist will take impressions, photos and x-rays. With this type of treatment you will be given clear retainers that will need to be changed every two weeks. Some patients will require attachments also known as buttons that will help with the movement of your teeth, these buttons help with creating pressure where movement is needed.

Most patients begin treatment around 12-13 years of age; however there is not an age limitation on when braces can be started. The best option is to continue check-up visits with your general dentist who can determine if you should see an orthodontist. If you have any additional questions in regards to  orthodontic treatment, reach out to your general dentist or schedule a consult with a recommended orthodontist in Coral Springs, FL.

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