Oral Health Care in Coral Springs

Are you looking for ways to better your oral health care? Do you have questions, but don’t know a reliable source to turn to for answers? Are you in need of new tools to use? Well, our dental team at Lakeview Dental in Coral Springs can be your one stop shop for all of your dental needs. From the dentist, to our assistants and dental hygienists, we are here to help you in any way possible to improve your oral health. We treat our patients like family and will always give you the best advice possible for treatment. Your oral health care needs are our first priority to give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

As a new patient of our office, our dental team will provide you with a complete exam to identify your oral health concerns. These services will include a full set of dental radiographs, a periodontal exam, an oral cancer screening, an exam by our dentist, and a cleaning specified to your oral health care needs. Oral hygiene education and instructions will also be provided to you based on your specific needs. Never hesitate to ask our dental team for guidance on oral hygiene techniques or tools.

A full set of x-rays is necessary for your dentist to examine the areas of your teeth and mouth that cannot be seen by a visual exam. Cavities can form between the teeth, especially if you are not flossing regularly and properly, or if you do not receive consistent dental cleanings. Also, tartar build-up can form under the gums that can be seen on x-rays. Being able to see this allows your dental hygienist to give you the best cleaning and to educate you on where you may need to improve your oral hygiene habits. Bone loss can also be determined through the use of x-rays.

The health status of your gums is just as important to your oral health care as your teeth. This is why your dental hygienist of our Coral Springs office will perform a complete periodontal exam on your mouth. The exam includes evaluating the condition on your gums by checking for redness, inflammation, and bleeding. All of these are signs of poor oral health care and can lead to periodontal disease. The dental hygienist will also check how deep the space is around each of your teeth; between your gums and your teeth. This shows if there is any bone loss or a lot of gum inflammation, which causes deeper pocket depths. All of these factors help your hygienist in giving you the best advice on how to improve your oral hygiene and health care and will help them give you a thorough dental cleaning.


You dentist will also perform an exam, including an oral cancer screening, to check for any visual signs of cavities, cracked teeth, or any other abnormalities in your oral cavity. This checkup will be performed yearly. However, if you are having any issues, you can make emergency appointments or the doctor can still address any concerns you may have during your 6-month cleaning appointments. The health of your mouth is not only important in having a nice smile, but it also affects the rest of your body. That is why it is so important to get checked by your dentist one to two times a year. There are a number of medical conditions that show signs in the mouth that our dentist at Coral Springs can find as early as possible.

Your oral dental care is very important to our Lakeview dental team. Our job is to provide the best services and advice for your individual needs. Your part at home is just as important. Your oral hygiene habits and even your diet will greatly influence how healthy your mouth is. We promise to always provide you with the utmost dental health care every time you are in our office. The combined teamwork of yourself and our dental care center staff will help keep your mouth the healthiest it can be.

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