Mouth Bleeding Causes

What are the common causes of bleeding mouth?

It is caused by a variety of reasons that your Coral Springs dentist would be able to diagnose. One cause of bleeding mouth is from clenching or grinding also called bruxism. This generally occurs when you are sleeping. The constant pressure and clenching of the teeth can affect the gums negatively and therefore causing the gums (or gingiva) to bleed. Another cause of a bleeding mouth is periodontal disease which is gum disease. The dentist or hygienist can diagnose if you have periodontal disease. This is done in a few ways. First, your Coral Springs dentist would have to take x-rays to determine the level of the bone. When periodontal disease occurs, the bone level is very low. The next step is for the dentist to probe around the gingival tissue to determine the pocket depths and if there’s any bleeding on probing. This is the primary way to check for periodontal disease.

How do you fix bleeding mouth?

If the bleeding mouth is being caused by clenching or grinding, we can make a night guard, also call an occlusal guard, to wear while sleeping. This prevents the teeth from clenching or grinding together, thus preventing the bleeding.

What is a night guard?

A night guard is something that is fabricated in a dental laboratory. The dentist has to take a mold of the patients teeth in the office. This entails taking impressions of the top and bottom teeth and sending the impressions to a dental laboratory that specializes in fabrication of the night guards. The night guard is made of a very hard plastic that prevents the upper and lower teeth from coming together therefore preventing clenching and grinding.

If it is being caused by periodontal disease, the options are as follows:

It might be as easy as having a scaling and root planing, also called a deep cleaning. This is when a hygienist gets the patient numb and then performs a cleaning. This procedure can be performed by a hygienist working in a general dental office, or the office of a peridontist. A periodontist is a dental specialist who only takes care of gum and bone disease. A periodontist has to go to 2-3 more years of dental school. The patient might have to go see a periodontist if the scaling and root planing does not work. Other options are having bleeding gums treatment with a periodontist in conjunction with antibiotic treatment.


Another possible reason for mouth bleeding treatment is may be if somebody had a recent extraction. An extraction is when you’re Coral Springs dentist removes the tooth or multiple teeth due to a variety of reasons. The reason this can be something like a broken tooth from tooth decay, Or from periodontal disease. As we spoke about before, periodontal disease occurs from bone loss and unhealthy gum tissue. Broken teeth can come from a large dental fillings that wear down and cracked overtime.

When your Coral Springs dentist performs an extraction, we do everything to ensure that the bleeding stops before you leave the office. But sometimes it can happen spontaneously after leaving the office. To avoid this, we apply gauze and have the patient put pressure on the gauze for at least one hour after the extraction. We sometimes will bring the patient back to the office a few days after the extraction to make sure the bleeding has stopped and the gum tissue has begun to heal. The last reason that a person can have a bleeding mouth is due to a periodontal surgery. This is when the periodontist takes gum tissue from your palate and grafts the tissue to another area of the mouth. This can cause significant bleeding and swelling after the procedure. The periodontist places sutures to avoid excess bleeding, but sometimes some blood may ooze out around the stitches which can cause bleeding mouth.


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