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Who Is the Best Emergency Dentist in Coral Springs, FL?

Some people search Google for an “emergency dentist near me” and pick a dentist without much more research. Having an emergency dentist nearby is important, but it’s much more important to know that you’re choosing the right emergency dentist for you.

We believe Lakeview Dental of Coral Springs is the best for the following reasons:

  1. Dentists are on call and our office is open on Saturdays.
  2. You can give us a call day or night.
  3. We provide a wide variety of emergency dental services such as:
  4. We consult with you to get you the best help possible in a timely manner.

Emergency dental services does not negate the need for urgent medical care, however.

With over 22 years of experience in serving our community with exceptional dental care, we aim to always create a comfortable, informative and fulfilling experience with every visit.

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When Do You Need an Emergency Dentist Near You?

Sometimes it’s hard to decide if you have a dental emergency or not. Here’s an example of two situations that may require a visit to a nearby emergency dentist:

  1. Your favorite little guy is playing in a soccer tournament, he goes for the goal and boom, one accidental knee to the face sends his tooth flying across the field.
  2. You’re out having brunch enjoying that amazing French pastry when suddenly, completely out of the blue, you realize you’ve chipped your front tooth!

These scenarios, although unfortunate, happen often enough that knowing where to go for urgent dental care is wise to know ahead of time.


What Constitutes an Emergency Dental Visit?

Here are some basic guidelines to help you decide:

  • A tooth that has been knocked out due to a trauma to the area, or a tooth that has even been loosened.
    • What if this happens to you?
      • If the tooth has fallen out first rinse it off, (DO NOT scrub the tooth because it can take away important tissue that could be vital in integrating the tooth back into the socket) re-insert the tooth gently into the socket with clean hands. If placing the tooth back into its place is not an option, you can place it in a cup of milk or under the tongue until you arrive at the dental office.
  • A cracked or chipped tooth is close enough to come into urgent dental care. However, if your tooth is cracked and you are not experiencing any pain, you can come schedule a next day appointment with us. For more info on a cracked tooth repair, you can click here.
    • What to do if this happens?
      • If the crack is severe and pain-inducing, wrap the tooth shard in a clean (if possible) damp cloth and bring it with you to the clinic. If you are experiencing pain, a cold compress on the area can help alleviate some discomfort.
  • For pain, sensitivity, or discomfort in the teeth or jaw, call or come in as soon as you can.
  • If you bite down on the inside of your cheek or tongue and create a laceration.
    • What are the first steps to treat it?
      • First, try to stop the bleeding by pressing down firmly with a damp cloth on the area for a couple of minutes. If the bleeding does not ease up or stop completely, then the laceration may be deep enough that it requires medical attention. The emergency dentist can apply a suture in the office to close the laceration or you may feel free to visit your local emergency room as well.
  • In the case of a severe toothache.
    • What to do?
      • You should not use a heating pad or any kind of heat near the affected area as this can actually cause the pain to intensify. A cold compress or an ice pack can help ease the discomfort used intermittently for a few minutes on and off your face.

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How Much Does Emergency Dental Treatment Cost?

The cost for an emergency dental clinic visit will vary depending upon which procedure needs to be done and what your insurance may cover. If you’re wondering about costs give the office a call, state the symptoms you’re having, and ask for approximate costs.

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Although you may be nervous to come in for a visit, emergency sedation dentistry is also available if required. When it comes to teeth, we’re invested in taking care of you and getting you back to 100%. So if you’re looking for an emergency dentist near you give us a call at Lakeview Dental of Coral Springs.

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