Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery, also known as Full Mouth Restoration is a term used to indicate to a series of procedures performed to repair any damages in the mouth and jaw. This can include repair of the teeth, gums, jawbone, tongue, lips, and inner cheek. Although the word “Surgery” can incite a nervous feeling in some people, a reconstructive operation can be as easy as placing a crown on a tooth to save the vitality of the tooth rather than extract it. Oral health can become compromised when all parts of the mouth do not work together properly. The mouth is made up of many smaller systems including the hard and soft palate (previously mentioned above), numerous blood vessels and nerves, as well as the tissue that holds everything in place.Listed below we can provide some examples of procedures that if performed in combination, they create a reconstructive dental surgery treatment plan:

  • Oral Surgery: extractions, root canals, tissue grafting of hard or soft tissue
  • Implant Surgery: missing teeth replacement
  • Restorative Care: fillings, bridges, crowns, inlays and onlays
  • Periodontal: periodontal surgery, root planning and scaling
  • TMJ Treatment: treatment to adjust the bite and correct any issues revolving around the temporomandibular joint.
  • Bruxism: correction of teeth grinding
  • Orthodontics: Metal braces, Invisalign®, retainers, etc
  • Cosmetic: Veneers, teeth bonding, teeth whitening.

Depending upon the extensiveness and level of severity of treatment, anesthesia may be used to comfort the patient and add a sense of calm to the patient’s experience.

Before the treatment, our Coral Springs dentist will perform an exam, check your medical history, take x-rays, and create a treatment plan to address every issue and bring your mouth back to its ideal health.

The cost of a reconstructive surgery is relative to the amount of procedures needing to be performed, if anesthesia will be employed, lab fees to create oral prosthetics, and the materials used. In some cases,  patients will need to be referred to a specialist for surgery. For your convenience we have specialist we work closely with and trust to provide excellent quality and care. We will even make the appointment for you following your appointment at our Lakeview Dental office if you would prefer.

Here are a few estimates for some common procedures, keep in mind that these are the average costs without insurance factored in:

  • Resin or tooth colored fillings start at $150
  • Crowns start at $600 and go up depending on which material is used
  • Implants begin around $2,000

Any treatment you have a question or concern about, you can give our front desk a call anytime during business hours or stop by in person and we will happily assist you. If you are looking to find some payment options we can help you with that as well. Feel free to click here to be redirected to our payment options page.


After completing a full mouth dental reconstruction or restoration, the patient should follow Coral Springs dentist advice and practice good oral hygiene to maintain a healthy mouth. Patients who smoke, do drugs, and drink substantial amounts of alcohol may not achieve the lasting results they hope for.

The great part about being a patient here at Lakeview Dental of Coral Springs, is that we pride ourselves on genuinely caring for our patients and their oral health. No matter how simple or complicated a reconstructive surgery will be, we make sure to handle the situation with the best teeth reconstruction care and quality.

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