Digital Dental X Ray

There are different forms of digital dental x-rays that your dentist in Coral Springs may use to view your teeth and diagnose any potential treatment needed. With modern digital teeth x-rays your Dentist can help you with maintaining a healthy smile.

With the use of modern digital dental x-ray services, your Coral Springs dentist can view your x-ray within seconds versus the 15 minute wait that commonly occurs with traditional film x-rays which take that much time to develop. The exposure to radiation is greatly lowered with the new equipments. These x-rays will help detect any potential growths or abnormalities that are not visual to the human eye.

The types of x-rays your Dentist may take are:

  1. Bite-wing x-ray which helps detect decay or abnormalities between the teeth.
  2. Periapical x-ray which shows your full tooth from the root tip starting in your jaw up to the crown or enamel part of the tooth. This shows any abnormalities that may start at the root of your tooth, near the gum, or in bone structures.
  3. Panoramic digital x-rays which show the TMJ and other anatomical landmarks
  4. Cone Beam x-rays which are often needed for dental surgey such as implant placement or sinus lifts.
  5. Cephalometric x-rays which are usually used for orthodontic patients

Another way your Dentist can view your teeth is to take a picture of your teeth with an intra-oral camera which is a small video camera that takes photos of the outside of your gums and teeth. This also helps as a visual aide for you to see as well during your dental visit. This type of digital dental service provides your Dentist and Hygienist with the capability to use these photos to show abnormalities that may not appear on a digital x-ray to show fractures, gum disease, or decay. At your visit in Lakeview Dental of Coral Springs, it will be part of your dental visit, as these images help insurance companies pay claims faster.

What is a Cone Beam X-ray?
A cone beam x-ray is used when a 3D image is needed to view your teeth and jaw also known as a CBCT scan. Your Coral Springs dentist may use this type of dental x-ray when they need more than a regular x-ray. Some reasons a 3D image is used Is when a root canal is needed to show that the whole canal was accessed, when in orthodontic treatment, to show hard tissues, or nerve pathways and bone in a single scan, for extractions, and implant placement.


What does it cost?
The cost can vary. For example, a bite wing x-ray may only cost $25 whereas a Cone Beam Xray may cost $200-300.

What is the process of taking digital dental x-rays?
The process of taking digital dental x-rays is simple and is very similar to that of taking traditional developed x-rays. First the dental assistant will provide the patient with a radiation vest to block any radiation below the neck. Then the dental assistant will place the x-ray sensor in the patients mouth and will take the x-ray from a safe distance. These x-rays are faster and easier than taking the traditional film x-rays.

What is better about digital dental x-rays?
It require less radiation and they are faster to develop. They can also be used to detect cavities and fractures when they are smaller and earlier on that traditional film x-rays.

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