Cracked Tooth Repair

Are you in need of cracked tooth repair procedure? If so, you are in the right place! This page is to help you understand what is needed if you cracked a tooth and need it repaired from Dentists in Coral Springs, FL.

Why does a tooth crack?

A tooth can crack for many reasons. The most common reason for a tooth to crack is because it has been weakened previously. Usually a tooth is weakened by cavity or a previous restoration such as an amalgam (silver) filling or a bonding. When a tooth cracks it is because it has been weakened and a trauma occurred that caused it to crack. Many times a tooth can appear healthy even though there can be a cavity lurking underneath the surface. This is the primary reason it is important to visit your dentist routinely to ensure that you don’t have any cavities that can lead to a cracked tooth.

Amalgam fillings can cause cracked teeth.

Many years ago, the only cracked tooth filling material that dentists had was the silver fillings called amalgams. Amalgam fillings need large holes to hold them in place. In the old days, dentists would make these holes and fill them with as much amalgam material as possible. We now know that these amalgam restorations can cause large fractures in the teeth which can lead to weakening enamel. Enamel fractures can lead to tooth cracks such as a cusp fracture which can lead to needing a dental crown or possibly an extraction with implant replacement.

How can I fix a cracked tooth crown?

It is first most important to visit your coral springs dentist so they can take an x-ray to determine if the tooth is saveable. The dentist will evaluate the x-ray to make sure that the crack does not extend below the gums/bone level. Some times a crack is so bad that the tooth can not be saved. This is possible even if it doesn’t feel like it is a deep crack. Once the dentist has determined if the tooth can be saved, then the dentist will present to you all the options. The options may include a bonding or white filling or a dental crown.

How much does it cost?

A dental crown can cost up to $1500 without insurance. A filling can also cost up to around $400. If the tooth can not be saved then a tooth extraction may be necessary, which can cost up to $1200 if you need a bone graft.


More about cracked teeth:

A cracked tooth can consist of a fracture in your tooth, or simply a chipped tooth. Your Dentist in Coral Springs can diagnose the type of treatment needed for your broken tooth repair. With a cracked tooth, you may experience some pain; other patients may not feel anything at all. It’s best to keep up with your routine visits for all your check-up x-rays and exams to keep a healthy smile. Other times may require an emergency visit to see your Dentist right away.

If your broken tooth has a vertical fracture, meaning that the tooth has a fracture from the root of tooth to the crown, then your tooth may need to be extracted. You may not have any signs or symptoms for a long time, it may only be diagnosed at your check-up with your Dentist in Coral Springs; or you may start to have issues with your surrounding gum tissue. Saving your tooth depends on the severity of the fracture and how deep it goes. With proper x-rays, exam, and intra-oral images your Dentist can give you the best treatment option.

Some patients chip or fracture their teeth by grinding, eating hard foods, or just from having a weakened tooth due to wear and tear. If this happens, your Dentist will diagnose and provide a treatment plan to best save your tooth. Some cracked tooth treatment options are bonding (a white filling), a crown, or a root canal with a crown (depends how big the fracture is).

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